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Coastal Angler Magazine, January 2016 Edition | Steve Zelk

Well, we have known if for awhile now, but the fishing season is over. The sooner we can accept it, the sooner we can start to anticipate what the next fishing season will bring. These days, I am spending more time in a deer stand than I am on the water.

However, that does not mean at all that I miss being out there – after all, you have to think about something while sitting in your deer stand while waiting for Bambi to come skipping down the trail. Don’t get me wrong, there are still a few anglers out there chasing tuna. With decent success, a group of the major players have recently Georgia’s bank and their limit of four within a day or two –

Bob Cook


Bob Cook

Fat Tuna Guides offers one of the finest fishing experiences in the Northeast. We pride ourselves on the local knowledge of our waters, the latest fishing equipment and tactics, and comfortable and enjoyable vessels to handle a variety of applications. With over 40 years experience on the water, we are sure that your trip with us will be a memorable one. Thanks so much for your interest in Fat Tuna Guides. We hope to see you on the water sometime soon.

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